About Gowan

I first ran for office because Arizona had a Republican Legislature that routinely rolled over for Governor Napolitano and passed bloated budgets and liberal bills. Once I got elected I went to work organizing conservatives, first into the Liberty Caucus, and later into a functioning majority. As we made gains, we shrunk Arizona's budget, cut regulations, and created an environment that encouraged job creation. We also tackled border security and illegal immigration like no other state in the country. I was proud to be the House author of SB1070 and to have passed legislation giving our local law enforcement the tools they needed to do their jobs.


  • Members of the Liberty Caucus occupy all of the elected leadership positions in the House and Senate
  • Our budget is balanced
  • Arizona is a national leader in protecting the unborn
  • We're #1 in the nation for Second Amendment rights
  • We're among the best states for property rights, regulation reform, and countless other measures

We turned our Republican majority into a conservative majority, we cast the tough votes, and we turned Arizona around.

It's time to bring those same reforms to the nation's capital.

Our federal government is out of control and our Republican majority routinely fails to stand up to President Obama and his liberal policies. That weakness jeopardizes our economy and financial markets, our military and national security, and our health care and our veteran's health system. It puts our rural economies at risk because we feel the burdens placed on us by overregulation in areas like water, forest health, and public lands management. The federal government's unwillingness to secure our borders and deal with the effects of illegal immigration is magnified in a border state like ours.

We face the same broken system at the federal level that we used to face at the state level.

It's time to fix it with the same dedication and commitment we brought to the fight here in Arizona.

That's why I'm running for Congress. I'm a proven conservative who fights and wins.

Time is running out for our great country. I ask you to join my campaign and together, let's make Washington D.C. "Respect The West!"

Contact the Team PO Box 1985
Sierra Vista, AZ 85636